Serenissima SGR


Make it possible for Institutional and Private Investors to manage their real estate investments via the professional services of a highly specialised and trustworthy Asset Management Company, abreast of the times but respecting tradition.


The Board of Directors of Serenissima SGR S.p.A. prides itself on complementary and supplemental experience and is composed as follows:

Dott. Giancarlo Innocenzi Botti

Avv. Mario Amoroso
Board member

Dott. Tomaso Benedetto Giancarlo Bersani
Board member

Avv. Silvia Dragotta
Board member

Dott. Armando Maffeis
Board member

Dott. Massimo Tivegna
Chief Excutive Officer

Avv. Piergiorgio Zettera
Board member

Board of Statutory Auditors

The SGR's Board of Auditors is composed of three statutory and two substitute auditors:

Dott. Matteo Eugenio Moretti

Dott. Luca Grasseni
Standing Auditor

Dott. Cesare Piovene Porto Godi
Standing Auditor

Dott. Maurizio Dettoni
Substitute Auditor

Dott. Paolo Lorenzo Mandelli
Substitute Auditor